New Utah Pastel II

This one really feels homelike and that it is coming together for me, color or palette-wise. The colors seem to be playing and interacting with each other, like in my jungle, landscape and tropical landscape ones. Fun!

Yesterday was really hard. I had the worst migraine, a real left eye vascular one. I considered cancelling therapy and should have, looking back, or should have left during session when it spiked several times during our breathing exercises. Really. Too much. Made the rest of the day miserables. Les.

This morning the forecast was all Sun but we had a storm centered in our little city of Germantown, MD and what do you know but lightning to ground stuff and lots of thunder so poor Chipper was panicked and just inconsolable for a few hours there — then slept for hours — good for him. He’s quite recovered now and I think is by the kitchen, where Jason is cooking up some pasta with clams. Has lots of B12, and is very YUM!

Lost the backup hard drive over all this stormage in the past two weeks, so turning to another external that Jason has given me that is tiny in comparison but thankfully from my recent backup efforts I know my true needs for backup are relatively small. Only 9 gigs needed to back up my photos for example. But it must be done soon.

Garlic and butter (!) smells lovely. More Punkin Ale of the same brand as last week. Fun! Happy Labor Day Weekend, continued. Must rest now.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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