Garewa, Papua, New Guinea

Apparently, Michael Rockefeller disappeared here many odd years ago, according to legend, and ISLANDS Magazine. Who wouldn’t want to disappear into these waters, once you see them? Really. This foliage. Well snakes and bugs don’t count in fascination, do they? No.

Sketch. There. Very excited to start. Charcoal felt so good in my hand, not even such a sharp point, pondering the sharper pointed charcoal pencil but thought against it. Rough. Ar.

Edging up Maui Wave in deep dark lush Prussian Blue now. Lovely. I mean nothing against sensual pastels, but I do love painting so. I go back and forth loving the two of them. Hee.

So I watch, while cooking stir fry for us and sipping the Merlot, The Group, about Vassar graduates. So very stiffening. I mean back then the question was why, I mean really why educate the women when really all they were good for was raising babies and good convo at dinner. Sad. To educate these women and then turn them lose like they had a purpose. I went to a great women’s college and then to turn me lose like I had a purpose. And I did my very best. Kudos to all the women before me and all the women out there now. Kudos and Kudos to all the workers all over, and all the bosses not on the power trip. All the fair bosses. Leaders.

It came to me about a week ago in a voice in my head, the poet’s rare voice these days, “the moon is in bloom” when the moon was full. Of course the sun shines and the moon is full and these days we’re so dissociated from Nature’s cycles most of us, most of the time, that we think nothing of it. But the Sun is in bloom and it’s Summer blooming all over. That makes sense, really that of course there are flowers and produce everywhere, harvests and abundance. But the Moon is in Bloom. Hmm. There are more waves? more sparkles in the ocean? more moods? more moon lights on …. ? go figure … but I figured it was worth pondering, noting …

I practiced singing today … we are going to try to finish the Chris Whitley Tribute CD this year … if we can … of course I want to cover all of his songs and we CANNOT … so there is a limit. Must be. ARgh. So we are doing what we can. And I didn’t do half badly when I practiced after all these months. So there’s a start. Yay!

Am hoping to take a crack at editing Rebekah’s Closet in the next few days as well, can feel the bug rising. The plot bug. We shall see. Fingers crossed. Needs to happen.

I called with synchronicity today to the lymphodema clinic today, for they called back with an opening for their meeting tomorrow, which I will attend. Yay! We shall see. More benevolence from the universe. Much-needed, eh? These things seem to come and go.

I’ll take it.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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