Garewa V

Getting so much closer to completion on this one! Adding the earthy chocolate colors, mixing them especially on the palette was almost as good as eating them. YUM! Hee. I studied the photo and my sketch for some time before beginning today, since they differ a lot. There is kind of a dark vortex in the photo that somehow didn’t make it to the sketch, and I’m such a fan of dark vortices from way back (Lorna Doone, anyone?) so I’m not sure how that happened. ? That’s okay. I decided to go with the sketch on this one.

During counseling today we were talking about how I’m not yet able to speak the affirmations into the mirror. How that that feels too goofy still for me, but I’m getting better at the We are Strong one so I’m closer to that one. I have kind of an emotional dizziness going on, where the alters are all feeling different things right now, kind of all over the place. The main problem arises in that a group of the younger ones are wanting to be loved by a whole set of people who abused me and I can’t allow that, it won’t happen, etc., they want to be valued by those people, matter to those people, etc. — so their identity and self worth is still caught up in a whole lost world, and they are lost now. Like where am I? Who are these people? Who are you? Really. Who am I?

Like I can say I am an artist. Not we are an artist. But We are are writer, since there is less of a disconnect on that since I kept those threads going through keeping strong in English classes and skills all those years. But my dreams as an artist. Well I won’t go into that story. Let’s just say I started fresh as a thirty-something on that one, and I kinda did.

It is an absotively lovely lovely Autumn SUNNY day today! Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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