Garewa to Web

I repainted the highlights in a yellow-green, this time adding more yellow, but yet they faded again. Not sure what happened there, but moving on. And she is posted per the website and all.

Still feeling very surreal. Very little sleep for the latter half of the set of the night/morning and dawn was very confusing. ? Hard to explain. Just trying to be true to my heart and remain loving and spiritual, calm.

We had another lovely day today and went to the Pumpkin Man’s Stand across from The Comus Inn where they were hosting a wedding, white tent and all. We picked a lovely creamy pumpkin and then went to Whole Foods for more errands running and sandwiches. Home for more resting, because last night, not only could not only I not stay asleep, but Jason had to take Chipper out like seven times or something because Chipper was feeling ill. So all of us are messed up today.

I’ve been restless though. Tried to rest for like ten minutes and couldn’t stand it, so got back up and painted, took the photos, uploaded, etc. We are going to try to watch Mr. and Mrs. Bridge tonight from our Netflix queue, and call it a weekend.

I’m sure hoping this will be a calmer week. Hoping to get to the pool at least once, to do my yoga, counseling is twice-scheduled, then fun plans for the weekend. We shall see.

My counselor said that journalling is key to getting through this, that I can write, I love Nameless, I hate Nameless, that I can make no sense, just write. That is part of why I blog, with your patience, although I do hope to make sense, always. I truly dislike the word hate, though, especially applied to Nameless, even, so I’m working on another word. Argh.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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