Restorf Island I

Here is a much better photo of the lower portion of the sketch and the painted forest, the sky to come tomorrow, since the Cobalt is set from the previous painting and should not be allowed to dry up, etc. (and I love painting the sky, etc.) Had a great deal of fun painting the foliage, adding bright yellow only to the dark green. YUM.

Then I rested for about an hour and it was TIME to cook, there was no forestalling it. The chicken needed to be cooked, as it were, poor chicken. Thank you, chicken(s). Sigh. I need your little proteins. Now my hands smell of fresh sage, rosemary, garlic, basil, lemon, yum. How can that be bad? and wine. I laughed at my little joke, a merlot named Chagrin. A very little joke. Small. For I am feeling very well today. A little lob from from the dark side.

Practiced singing after that, as is my wont, to Patty Griffin’s 1000 Kisses, which is my very favorite warm up. Best thing to warm up to. Sometimes I’ll branch out after that to Heavenly Day, Standing, etc. And then I’m ready to sing ANYTHING. BRING IT.


So I went straight to Indian Summer and was like a lil throat volleyball, all over it, although somewhat dissociatively, I mean, really, the two songwriters couldn’t be more different topically or stylistically, but what the hey, just the one run through, pretty bad o me for just the one run through, ’cause I didn’t FEEL it, like I usually feel his lyrics so intensely, not good of me, kind of careening. Did I mention that I had two glasses of Merlot? I kind of mentioned Chagrin vaguely, Merlot. Then, I did a run through of “our” version, fine on the melody, but whoa on the whatsit, refrain? non. non. We shall have to punch it. For the Chris Whitley, he is complex, and one has to choose one’s guitar chordage. Yes. I shall have to punch in with my vocals accordingly and be hopeful. Yes. And all will be good. For the rest is good.

This weekend we’re hoping to do live versions with Dennis Nielsen on two songs, fingers crossed, on Cool Wooden Crosses and Loco Girl. He is also coming the following Saturday. I’m hoping we can “nail” (no pun intended) two songs a weekend live, because I have SO many songs I want to do live like that. I think they will go much better thataway, rather than recording Dennis then bringing me in, after the fact. Dennis is awesome, ’cause Chris Whitley is frickin hard as a guitarist and a vocalist. YUM.

So since last night when Jason plugged in the external jump drive the volume occasionally goes LOUD on me. Argh. Extreme.

Off to practice vocals now. Actually Chipper just gave me the LOOK. Nubbies for Chipper.

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