Restorf Island II

You know, that may not look like much progress, but that is several good hours of painting and mixing right there. I’m just saying. That’s a 22 x 28 inch canvas. Let’s just keep this all in perspective. I wanted to get that far into it today so at least you could see where I’m headed. I thought about painting from the bottom up for the water, since it has a layered effect, but I can make that happen from the top down. Right? I believe in me.

I’m liking the painting so far, and it is making me want to go to Cumberland Island again, badly. Oh well. I have my memories. I do a lot of creative visualization, when I can hold it together enough to get there, and it’s a nice place to return to in my mind. Right now it looks a lot like there, but it will become more tropical the deeper we get into the water. This will be a lot of fun to mix up, paint-wise. Yay!

I tell you, my computer speakers are driving me nuts. Jason will try to fix them tonight, and knowing him, he will succeed. They will go up in volume suddenly and make me jump then go back down. ARgh — It’s funny when it goes in on songs I like especially but unnerving otherwise. Upstairs they have a very young baby and I don’t know where she sleeps, so I have the radio on loww volume and then it pumps up to where I can hear it like twice an hour or so. Hmm.

So I have this dialogue in my head sometimes. Sometimes it is quiet. Like this morning, completely quiet when I ate my peach yogurt. Ahhh. Nice. I think in part because it’s just me and versions of me all the time I like the “company” of me to talk to and chatter about. When it’s very quiet, and sometimes when it’s not, the very young “Word Girl” will give me lovely things like “zephyr” or lately “La Bayadere.” She also thinks it’s very nice when Jamie Oliver the cook on the Cooking Channel says “lovely rocket” even though he means lovely arugula. Because she is a lover of words.

Sometimes I try to differentiate between “Word Girl”, “The Writer” and “Poet” but only when I am extremely bored. Otherwise I just let them go at it. Fun.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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