Restorf Island III

Had so much fun mixing the new cool turquoise-like color that will be a large presence in the piece. The photo is kind of washed out for this color, so I’m taking it a bit further, a bit brighter and greener, but still cool. Cool, man.

What a day it has been already. Woke at 10:30 pm last night and kept waking up, so that I’m quite nonsensical now. Finally got up, fed up, at 4:30 am. Jason was like, Whaaa? getting ready for work. I’m up, I said, but couldn’t do more than make coffee, watch old movies on TCM and eat my yogurt until about six am, when I could make my smoothie — NOISY! when I heard the neighbors (I feel so bad for them!) reluctantly stirring. Usually they get up around 7:30/8. Unless they are up with le bebe all night. The walls or floors must be superthin? I must be supersensitive? Ida know. Anyhoo. I care.

So I did the social media for a while and my webstats are always fun — thank you France! Thank you Russia! Finland! Domain Not Given! always fascinating to have hits from around the mysterious world … then did a little planning on the novel, was going to hit Starbucks today with the notebook and do some editing around the plot. Don’t see that happening for a few hours now. Began painting after breakfast and getting my favorite superclean feeling in the tub, yoga! walkies! boy was I wired and edgy before walkies but it was quite invigorating and much-needed. Painting was like yoga’s child pose, smooth, relaxing, ahhh. Wonderful.

But a few hours in and now I’m crashing with Chipper in the bed for a while. We’ll see how that goes. If I can truly get some zzzz’s. I sure need ’em. Fingers crossed. My sleep cycle is messed up with stress hormones or something for a few days. Will be drinking the Bedtime Tea today, massively, and doing the meditation/yoga. We shall see how the day progresses. May post again should the painting grow. Take care!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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