Restorf Island IV

Rested ’til eleven then was starving for something sweet so packed up the kit and went to Starbucks where I got the latte and blueberry scone. No tables in so went outside and forgot it was cold, where I rewrote the strengths to carry forward, highlights rather, from the diagnostic editor’s notes/review, and there were, surprisingly, more than I remembered. Funny, eh. Seems I’m a stronger writer than I thought. So that was a good start. Then I wrote what I remembered to work on from my head, not from the notes, but from memory, plot, character, dialogue, to balance the latter half of the novel. I mean it’s there it just needs discipline, structure, etc. to tie all that fantasy down/in.

Then I reread the notes, or most of them, cause it’s hard. Anyhoo. I ended up with three pages of ideas for all of the rewriting, more than I need, then came home. As I was walking to my car, I forgot I had a car, forgot parking the car, etc. I drive? I remembered something from the other day to describe DID — you have the taste of wine on your lips but don’t remember drinking the wine. Very similar disconnect, out of body. Fortunately I knew I would slip back in if I kept walking, because I always park very close to Starbucks in a familiar place, lucky me. Crazy, huh?

Came home, made the tea, crashed ’til 2:30 then frightened about the fresh paint getting dry, I got up and painted more, see above. Now I can rest. Hard to believe how tropical it gets after this, so excited to see how it will develop, deepen and pop. Fun!

See, I got into the Lymphedema clinic for the next two days, at least the evaluation and the first treatment. We shall see from there what we can afford, what I need. But at least that much for now. That’s good, eh?

I still need to practice singing, a lot, before Saturday. It will all work out in the end. I can warm up fairly quickly, tomorrow and Friday afternoons. Yay!

So now for some hopefully less jaggedy rest. And a good night’s rest? Fingers crossed. More and more tea for me.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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