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The image above is Live Oak, 38 x 38 inches, painted in January, 2010, which we delivered, barely making it into the Bee! this morning to Smith Farm Healing Arts Center on U Street in DC, for an in-person (for the art, not for me) review for the next few days. Whew, what a complex sentence. Hold on. I love complex sentences. Anyway. I am honored to be a finalist for this review, so we shall see if I become one of their commissioned artists — fingers crossed — should know by early November. It is such a lively piece — and it’s LARGE! I figure, it deserves to get outta the house more. I’ll be picking her up on Thursday, so hopefully I can fit her back in the Bee successfully. I love DC, btw — just going down Connecticut, going through Adams Morgan, down 16th, to U Street, my second round of olde stomping grounds after Little Five Points in Atlanta. Hillsboro Village in Nashville. Sigh.

Have had ZERO time to pick up a brush and work on the most recent painting, Restorf Island, since last blogging. Argh. Really missing it sorely. Have been doing stuff nonstop and it’s been crazed. Not liking that one bit. Not like me at all and needing rest. Was quite GRUMPY yesterday and didn’t like that, either. Exceedingly dislike the grumpy me. Very disruptive to the Buddhist me. What can you do? Also, very close to car crash yesterday, eep! Was quite happily almost home, zipping along in very rainy weather which I’m quite okay in from stormy GA weather training, well some of me’s are. Anyway. When to find a white pickup truck simply STOPPED, thinking some IDIOT, some POOR SOUL, but no TIME to think, to get rear ended, side-swiped, whatever, pulled the Bee to the left and slowed, no room in that lane, honking all round me, zooomed forward and out of that and some quite creative cursing and bursting adrenaline for some hours on top of the adrenaline I woke up with, thank you. Agh.

But, thank you, alive, right! Bee not scratched, right!

Cleaned bathroom, wrapped said 38 x 38 painting and labelled it. Walked Chipper, fed him. Practiced singing, went to counseling, more cleaning, made our now traditional treat dinner of eggs, biscuits with turkey patty sausages for Friday dinner — and time for bed — wired — somehow made it to sleep.

Up this morning — walked Chipper — made the Mapquest — delivered said painting — more cleaning — warmed up to Patty Griffin — marvelous — hours of practice and recording with Dennis and Jason finished now —

Went very well — a solid recording for Cool Wooden Crosses but some near miss recordings mostly for me and some solid recordings for Dennis on guitar for Loco Girl because for some reason I started dissociating towards the end of the session, where I lost rhythm and the ability to hear. Great! argh — frustrating. Jason dashed off for groceries and panini. Dennis is coming over next Saturday and we’re working up Chris Whitley’s Dust Radio and Wild Country (sic?) — at least we’re gonna try — on the whole we had a great time working live together for a first try — went very well — thank you Jason for encouraging us to attempt it — woo!

Listening to the new Whole Love album by Wilco — had me dancing while getting ready this morning — that’s good! yay! You should try it! all for now — over and out!

Oh — Ukraine wins the hits on the web stats for yesterday — woohoo — go Ukraine — they are loving on the Puerto Rican Photographs section I think? but as always — thank you for all the hits! keep ’em coming!

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