Restorf Island VII

The last two layers: green is a mix of Cobalt Blue, Hansa Yellow, Chromium (sic?) Green and Jenkins Green, the blue is straight Prussian Blue. Ahhh. I really don’t want this painting to end in a way, enjoying this so much. With that, the last sip of tonight’s only glass of Avalon Merlot.

My college friend is leaving tomorrow. Sadly she had to work the night shift tonight so we were unable to meet for lasagna at home again tonight, but we sooo (!) enjoyed our laughter and poignancy catching up the past two nights. As she said, a blessing that we were able to meet up again after so many years. Brilliant. Now she knows she’s always welcome where we live, where I live, etc. Yay! She knows the WAY!

A very pleasant day all in all, Jason took the day to drive me to U Street to pick up the artwork from the gallery, and a lovely drive down Connecticut, back through 16th Street — how I do LOVE Washington, DC SO! Every chance I get I want to get back down there, but gas funds being what they are. So, for now. It’s a dream to get down there. So expensive to live in the District per se, but so nice to visit.

The weather is brisk and beautiful Autumn today, shaking the Tulip Poplar outside my studio window as I speak, but about half the leaves are still holding on still. Good for them. Hee. Wore a kicky taupe wool skirt, cream tights, taupe clogs, white tee, and grey hoodie initially but was quite chilled during walkies this morning so switched later in the day — changed, determined for most of the outfit, had to keep the white tee for the B12 shot at 3:45 for ease of access, to a woolen beige and gray hoodie (do still love the hoodie no matter they in o out), and a gray and black and cream floral cotton long scarf the Euro tied way — love the way my friend TeZ explained how many ways the Euro girls wear them in Amsterdam, with a sigh that he can wear clothes but not with such abandon or creativity since he is … a guy. Sad. I think guys should have MUCH more freedom. I mean 2011. Already. See Rebekah’s Closet. Ahem. Soon come. Scarves, love, wrap. Love, Winter, creativity, layers, wraps, colors, play, wrap.

When we came back, I did some laundry but mostly we napped, all three, Jason, Chipper and me. Nice. Very. Still very tired. Had skipped the Muci last night but regretted by two pm so took another. Started painting at 5 pm? Wierd. Wired. Trying to flow with it.

ALLLLMOOOSTTT finished with Buddha Standard Time, I mean really really. To the Bardo time section in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and I had to laugh on many many levels. Because I was so impatient waiting there. And apparently that is more perfect time to be realized. Kay. So suddenly I remembered how I used to like to sit in our Presbyterian Church when it was dark and empty and just enjoy that silence, relatively, although it was terribly frightening, a) that someone would find me and b) because it was so QUIET. eep! But eventually I learned some sort of spiritual space from that experience, that I was able to take away with me. Thankfully.

Yesterday I was reading about going into aging gracefully in the book and my friend comes over and is talking about seeing all these people in end stage renal therapy all day, every day ’til March. And we were talking about how nurses do it, how they find their boundaries, their happy place. How we all have to find our happy place with death and dying, not only for ourselves but for all the people we care about. Yow.

Yesterday also I found out for sure I have (shhh) irritable bowel syndrome, and got tested for celiac disease. Bah. Will know in a week. Here’s hoping I don’t have it, but if I do, I guess, add it to the list? Whatever. I’m getting very good at this aging am I not? Right.

Next up, bookwise are one book each of intimate poetry by ee cummings and Garrison Keillor, a tiny book of poetry by Rilke, and another Deepak Chopra for my collection on healthy living — woo! stay tuned …

Happy Autumn!

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