Papua I

Many, many lovely Happy Birthday wishes today and thank you very MUCH! Hurray! and Yay! You all have made what woke to be contented and peaceful into a cheery day. Here is the painting thus far, the ground and beach for now.

The new pattern, or the groove lately is tear myself from bed somehow, walk Chipper in a surreal state, somewhat dreamily, then go back to bed, doctor’s appointments or other must-do’s notwithstanding, then back to bed, for many hours, then paint. Lest the day go by without painting. Alas. This anemia or sinus thingy. Jason is also noticing a great deal of fatigue and congestion. We are both still taking one Mucinex daily. We both have severe allergies — ’tis the season? We are not at all sure.

However, that being said, I did indeed wake most peacefully this morning, like a cat, I must say. Purrr. I wasn’t depressed as I have been for weeks now. So happy for that lifting today.

Did finally get out to treat myself to a Starbucks and a scone today and read for about eh, a minute (!) of Chopra before literally, well not literally, running away and back to my home and to bed. Why? because it mentioned the doctor saying you’re sick, could be you’re not happy? you’re not in love? you’re depressed? that you are making yourself sick because you’re not happy? and something about a quiz about not being on meds when you’re seventy? I’m on so many meds, and have to be, like HAVE to be now, that I kind of took that personally. Ran, I say. Bah.

Sigh. Well, I do my best. I will continue to meditate and be the best spiritually I can be and to have the best personal year I can this year — to challenge myself creatively, to heal on the deepest and highest levels I can, to clear out old stuff from the past and LET IT GOOOOOOOO — and — well that’s a good list right there, I think I’ll just keep that one and let the rest flow.

The rest of my list is in my head, on my desk, the novel, the paintings, the tribute album, well, you know. It will all happen.

I did realize today, duh, that if I write in the margins, just scribble even to start, because I’m having the hardest time STARTING, of my most recent novel chapter outline, that I can write from the outline. DUH! Gah, sometimes the most obvious stuff, these days, I have to just put things right in front of my nose. Well that’s just the way it is. November 1st is like, next week. I’ve got to get cracking on this editing stuff.

I had the hardest time deciding where to start on the painting today, same thing. For a while I was like, well it’s my birthday, I want to paint the water. I was like, no way do you get to paint the water first even if it is your birthday. Listen to me. Dominatrix that I am with myself. Heh. So I started with the ground. I’m glad I did. But starting is the thing. Once I had started time just flew until my back and neck were killing me.

Jason just called and is going to bring me a scoop or SO of something chocolatey from Cold Stone Creamery — NICE — YUM — eeeeee — rawrh rawhr rhawrh — heh — well I better go —

Thanks to all of you who sent lovely vibes and messages my way today — much appreciated — you made it a lovely day — here’s to a lovely year — as one friend said, “Another Trip Around the Sun!”

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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