Papua V

This painting really has a tribute feel to sea creatures of all jeopardized kinds to me — I remember on my one (!) snorkeling venture (maybe there were two) there were these dark blue fish playing above some coral and I swear they had little sparkly drops on them — beyond imagination or description really — so worried about the planet — and then I have hope, send hope — maybe my paintings can go for hope! somehow — hmm — sending them out ~~~ vibes ~~~

Also thinking a lot about my love for Matisse in this one, since I was a very little girl. The other day I was laughing about how I was like if Dr. Seuss did landscapes. And that would be okay by me. A fellow artist told me, to my liking, that I’m kind of a mix between Rousseau, Matisse and oh now I’m forgetting, but I liked it! ha! that makes me laugh that I forget the other one. How very unprofessional of me. I care, really I do, but my short-term memory, not so much, it doesn’t care as much as (me)(I) do.

Full of laughs I am.

It’s been a good day. Slept like a proverbial ROCK. Enjoyed fully our first night of having the heat on, by choice, since it went down to 35 degrees overnight, AND slept with the white cozy cable sweater on, often waking (like a rock, I tell you) to go wow that is nice and warm, nice.

It’s like lately I’m part of some universal arms rocking something oneness and I’m quite enjoying it. This loved/lovingness waking upness in the am. Not being depressed and alone when I wake in the am. See Jason has to leave so early in the am.

Tomorrow he gets to stay home because he had to work all day yesterday. On Halloween! Yay! I think I will wear my costume of long black robes, since the snow will have melted by then, mostly because it’s fun, not really because they have much meaning. Hey, I have this black woolen cape and a silver pin that I like wearing with it that for all intents and purposes together must look CELTIC and WICCAN — oh! my! because a lady with a cross in her car the other day waved at me like she knew me and she doesn’t and I was like Hey! Peace be with you, Blessed Be! I am a Buddhist Nature Lover! Is that Okay? chuckle.

So goodness knows what the robes will get again this year. I need to make a wand from the field grasses, like I usually do. Hey, I know, I’m a green witch … who am I kidding? That’s what I always go as. Love the glitter usage once a year, sometimes at Easter, when I can get away with it … bits of glitter floating around the house for weeks after can be quite random and cheery. Never been one for spells tho. Much more into the randomness of things. Synchronicity. Well, really that’s apparently the opposite of random. ? Things that were/are meant to be?

I ramble.

Today we had a lovely luncheon at Aroma in Shirlington with Jason’s Mom and her sister and I received all sorts of beautiful gifties for my birthday! It was really quite nice and a welcome time this afternoon. Fun! We came home and straightaway I went to trying on new things and putting them carefully away, thank you notes to come … and to painting.

A bit worried by my neck pain and headaches … hopefully they will pass soon … some stressors have passed that have been worrisome lately … like… I don’t have Celiac disease! found out last night! yay! others as well have lifted for now — so more yoga, resting, letting go … we can hope!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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