Lord Howe Island V

Got up early, well, I suppose that’s relative when you get to sleep in an hour. Seven is the new eight or something, right? Liking the light, gets me outta bed earlier.

Had a blast today with my friend at the ironically named misnomer Pentagon City. How’s that for Capitalism with a big C? We went there. She had two gift cards she had earned from very hard work as a salaried employee, and later felt guilty for her purchases, which I diligently encouraged her out of. No guilt for hard earned pay perk rewards. She bought some kick ass shoes, btw.

Choctaw Bingo playing on Radioparadise.com right now. I play that constantly. That goes exceedingly well with her buying the shoes, describing it.

She also bought me the Chanel blush, the palest, most delicate one they had, and it was perfect, is perfect. So I could get some black ribbed tights, a big bar of L’Occitane shea butter soap, and we each got on sale a pair of matching, get this, JCrew camo pants, but the trick is the camo is black lovely flowers of a retro like 1920s print. Hilarious and ironic peace pants, methinks. Will throw Boy for quite the loop trying to be masculine in those.

What did Dress Up wear? Maybe you care, maybe you don’t? A charcoal grey menswear fabric puff draped mini skirt with black tights, black heeled oxfords from the forties kind of, black short-sleeved tee, black cotton Anthropologie draped sweater that I pinned with a small four-cornered silver pin. Black cape left in car.

Love my haircut. Feel like a new pup, per usual.

We watched about half of Werner Herzog’s Wheel of Time documentary last night, stopped in the middle of the night during the debate of the monks about emptiness vs. something I didn’t catch, beneath the Bodhi Tree. How cool that they were debating that. The whole thing is very eye-opening, but especially the faces of the people, all the people seem to have such interesting faces, as if they have been THINKING, and PONDERING things. Not blank faces. I’m also amazed at the numbers of people who travel while prostrating themselves for so many miles to reach the Bodhi Tree. Such devotion, it floors me.

Before that we were watching the Breeder’s Cup pre-races and I was picking horses from the list of name which we love to do, to test our pure luck or whatever. I picked Union Rags and Derfallon or something, second by a nose and fourth. Then I picked the Breeder’s Cup winner before the movie, the name just glowed out at me very strongly and I said that one, simply, blanking on that name now, but that’s the winner. Anyhoo, I don’t bet but it’s sure fun.

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