Jamaica Coast II – II

Indescribably lovely warmth upon waking, but was able to get out of bed at seven. Thankful. Grateful. Not the same level of roughness making it into the real world although some, because there are so many variables, voices, alters, hosts, shifting.

Met with a dear friend last night and was able to talk about the 20 + alters and the actual names of the Nameless et al. She can handle it, and still be my friend, without a hitch. She is rare. We are going to meet again closer to Christmastime. She is just awesome, really. We sat outside Starbucks because it was full of lucky laptop owners ensconced, typing and sipping happily away. Especially since Borders closed, sadly. But we were also quite happy to sit outside in the lovely breeze, perfect really, and we could say what we wanted about abuse and the healing process and stuff without worrying much. Yay! It’s all good.

I had to have a pedicure today because of an irritated toenail today, as much I tried to care for it myself over the past month, it was hurting with every step, and I walk too much for that to continue. They did a lovely job locally at Passion Nail, and I loved listening to their Cambodian and/or Vietnamese dialect throughout. Next time, bookie wookie for me, though, to give them their space. Loved the foot and calf rub and told her, much to her surprise. You could do that all day, I said. Hee. Sigh. Truly. Thankfully it will grow to seventy degrees today so I could get the silvery sparkly flip flops back out for the occasion. She recommends I come back every two weeks but allows that once a month would probably work in a pinch. This pleases me, although it is another added expense. Hmmm.

Now I must write, although usually this time of day I would be painting. I must make progress on the novel. I also would love to snuggle into the bed, a bit fatigued today again, and my neck and shoulders are very tight. Need to get back on the yoga wagon this week. Need to go to the indoor swim center. I will make these things happen eventually.

A quarter to two and I’ve edited some good deal, rested a bit, walked and fed Chipper, written about my concept of the “poet kings” and the wheel of time as postulated by educator Michio Kushi in 1987, how it relates to the Mobius strip. Hee. Yes, all three.

Now I can paint! Yay!

She is finished! Now I can clean the brushes and rest! Voila!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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