Dream Colony II

Want to focus on my spirituality more deeply, get into more goal-oriented grooves. This has been helpful to me in the past, to get more into the light, to have mantras that move and inspire me, images and creative visualizations …

Kinks, so yoga wear today, hoping to do my yoga several times today in addition to writing and painting, maybe some cathartic singing. Lit some candles around the house.

Walkies were abbreviated by Chipper, who chose our shorter rainy day path up by the townhouses happily. Mama dry you off when we get home, I said, and he looked up. Which I did, while he munched on his carrots. He was really loving it out there in the wet smells but I could tell I just wanted to get on home. Was hard to be patient but did the best I could. Maybe some extra naps today, too.

Having to insert a new section on healing lovemaking for Rebekah because it just isn’t in there. Rather difficult to write, but the positive spin is that maybe it will be helpful for others who may need to help their lovers, or who need to communicate what might be helpful to their loved ones to help them through their own crises. Still. I have a chapter, for what has taken decades, and is still going on. Here goes.

Well, 655 words later … that was actually a good release, and I think a helpful chapter for others …

I also did my exercises with the ball and my yoga and my breathing was already calm. Chipper is in the middle of the bed sacked OUT. Good boy.

Now I can paint. Gee, I hope Rebekah’s Closet does well. I emailed Amazon after starting a Kindle publishing account with my questions and am waiting for a reply. Fun!

Hope you like — time to rest again! 🙂 Enjoie!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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