Dream Colony III

Slept so very well and deeply last night … woke up at six thirty this morning and dashed out of bed like a racehorse with so much adrenaline, wired. Now I’m resting, feeling like I’ve been on overdrive for the past few days. I have lunch with another dear friend in Rockville Town Center today and I want to be up for it, now that I’ve crashed, post-walkies.

It is helping to focus on spiritual mantras and visualization. Again with the yoga wear today, although too fatigued too far to do yoga yet.

Walkies were so nice in the very brisk weather, overcast, supposed to rain. We both enjoyed it. So few bright leaves now left on the trees, and the ones on the streets now graying. I love it all, though.

Had a good lunch with my friend, because I was there for her when she needed me for a rough patch, a transition she’s going through between relationships. As much as I’m going through at times, it helps me so much to feel needed. It really does. She’s flying to London tonight to be with a new love and needed to feel that she is doing the right thing. I assured her to be in the now, to be grounded with both feet, to go forward with an open heart and open arms, and we both teared up. You’re channelling the divine, and I appreciate it, she said. I know it’s hard to let go, I said.

I told her how much better I’m sleeping/waking these days and she said I look radiant. That feels good. I was also about to tell her about most everything going on right now, without a hitch. Gotta love true friends. 🙂

Worked on the novel this morning and I do believe she is almost finitti. Just a few touches here and there editing-wise, writing-wise. The rest is major formatting. I downloaded two formatting software packages from Amazon last night and am still figuring all that out. Heard back from my email to them this morning helpfully and will be sorting this and that for the next few weeks.

So much adrenaline, having a last glass of vino to calm down. Jason said I could treat myself while I was out and went straight to this great boutique on the square … acrylic bangle, silvery and black stamps, looks like those old steamer trunk stamps … mad for steamer trunks — quite fun. Wore the sparklies today: white and pink quartz star pendant on a silver chain and a JCrew bracelet strung with many sparkling dazzlies. Very glam on a blustry overcast day. The vino is casting a good shadow after a few sips. Congratulations me on getting closer to novelly finitti. Love the old streamers cast to and fro the old steam ships, but afraid to death of the dark seas and goodbyes. Hello’s instead, never end this endless kiss, between me and my writing bliss. I am a writer, damnit. No one can take it from me, now!

Jason is out on a sales call today so will be home early today … good for him! He’s just arrived home!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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