Holding Pattern

Great sleep last night … but my shoulder and neck are bad again today, so will have to take it very light with activity today. May have strained my shoulder. Argh. But I no longer feel as though I have a cold. So there.

Jason is with his sister Cathy today visiting his father’s gravesite today at Arlington Cemetery, a beautiful clear day for it.

Weather is crisp and fresh, and walkies were wonderful with Chipper, my mind calming down and getting spacious and clear like I like it, less chatter, more silence.

I have this image of a meditation/yoga space by the sea, perhaps a converted home by the ocean, with very tall windows, open, with just as long cream curtains blowing in the breezes … and diverse people in just as diverse needs on mats and pillows on the warm wooden floor working on poses or resting and breathing, meditating and breathing … working through whatever they are working through … and sometimes I’m in the middle but mostly I’m in the back just taking it all in, my space for all of them … sometimes they are all gone and it’s just me, the windows and the wind. Sometimes I go for a walk on the beach … sometimes there is a hammock on the deck that I curl up in … there is a sea garden I tend … there is a four-poster bed on wheels for running the tides, with canvas and gauze curtains and lovely cushy pillows … I love the comfort of the ocean … mostly the sound of the waves … creative visualization is great … and less hurricane protection insurance than a house by the beach!

Three heat packs on separate knotted areas later … and much internal frustration at having to just lay about … some relief to the neck/shoulder region … but still going to take it easy today. Jason brought me a great chicken cheesesteak sammie from Aladdin’s in Alexandria and is now off to do our groceries, the dear. Now that I’m typing the shoulder is reacting. Argh.

No painting today. Must rest the rest further on … take care!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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