Dream Colony V

I miss the blogging. The pain level is still around 7-8 but there is a numbing cap to it with the muscle relaxant now. Besides, the doctor says I’m not hurting anything although it hurts. Oh the irony of that. Hurting the hurt. ?


Walkies were lovely in the warmish cool in betweenish weather day. Long gray cotton skirt and ruffled back gray hoodie, white tee and soft brown clogs. Ahh, soft all ’round. Sluggish and kind of dizzy. Moving my head causes numbness in my face. So maybe the doc was right. I’ve had like three MRIs on my neck in the past ten ? years and each time they shake their heads and say no, no surgical intervention necessary, nothing we can do, we see the three bone spurs and know you’re in pain. Meh. What will it be this time? Jason and I both are skeptical.

Looking forward to tomorrow, seeing Jason’s fambly and feasting a bit, not overmuch, but a bit, dressing up in the boots his Mom gave me, since I can only wear them for special occasions. Fun. Warm loving times. Hope you also have loving plans made. I know what it’s like to have the holiday alone. So hope you have plans to pass the day with loved ones and share the blessings, the gratitudes.

Had great adventures dreams last night, ones where I was flying and saving people. I wish I remembered them well enough to write them up for stories. But they do fade upon waking. Great fun though.

Cannot express enough how much Neruda feeds my soul with the work from Isla Negra, and translated sooo incredibly well in that volume. Makes such a difference. I have another volume of his that is not translated well, sadly, a great collection in Spanish, that pains me to read in English, where the translator is a poet in his own right who took liberties. Travesty. To read the Spanish and look to the right and as if no one would notice, ahem! Disgraceful. So I read the Spanish. I like reading both, though, a great luxury, I might add, for which I’m most grateful for all the work on my degree, a whole world open to me now. A delicacy.

I have a poem by someone else in Rebekah’s Closet that I believe I’m going to switch out for one by Neruda, if I can only choose one beautiful jewel of his. That is my quest. Hee.

Just finished painting in all the first layers for Dream Colony.  Not sure if it’s done but will let the paint dry and study it. Felt soooo good to paint again, not to waste the paint on the palette. Shaky now tho so will eat a burrito and rest for a while. More Tylenol, etc.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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