Being Blessed and Feasting Day

Crisp and beautiful walkies this morning with Chipper. We loved it. Met a delicately spotted bird dog and master but the two dogs were too sensitive each to meet. Love bird dogs. Love my dog. Wouldn’t swap for the world, but bird dogs are so pretty. Love Corgies too because they make me laugh instantly.

Pain level is subsiding somewhat thankfully, (!), to a 5-6 with the muscle relaxants, and that is my first gratitude for the day. Still gets my attention sharply with certain activities at times. We shall see.

Very soon now we shall hit the bright road for Alexandria’s Bistro Bistro for the first round of feasting, followed by desserts at Jason’s Mom’s home there. Yum! Will be great to see everyone, much hugging and laughter to come! Champagne? yes!

Just getting back and settling in from our Thanksgiving … putting deep coral roses in a vase that Jason’s Mom gave me … they smell so nice! Giving Chipper lots of nubbies and saying Soon! Soon! since he is so ready for walkies and dinner, but we need to stay on schedule.

It WAS great to see everyone and there was much laughter and joking and fun, food, not too much, just right. There are delicate traceries of light and color among the shadowy limbs of trees left along the highways. Jason saw two live deer on the way back but I missed them, entranced.

My shoulder pain is way down to 3-4 but the base of the neck is back to normal now, 7-8, with the accompanying headache, what I’m used to after a day of activity. I guess things are getting back to normal?

I am almost ready for the painting to be done, almost knowing how to finish her, and very ready to start a new pastel piece, tomorrow. Resting for today though, meditations …

Hope all of you are well! Happy Day of Thankfulness and Feasting!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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