Petal Steppes III

Slept like a proverbial rock last night and this morning ’til eight. No worries. Chipper was still dreaming in his chair at that time. No pressure, thankfully.

Bundled up, even down to gloves, for which I was most grateful. Lovely sunlight today, so bright I was squinting. Somewhat klutzy and uneven my steps on the bog, like I’m half awake. Really want to get back into my yoga again soon, feel so imbalanced, uncoordinated without it, day by day. Hopefully the doctor will say it’s okay to resume today.

Such a space cadet today, and quite silly with my own jokes at times. I’ll take it, better than Blue any day. Will take a crack at the formatting of the novel today, start that process, now that it’s DECEMBER — gah! The ISLANDS Calendar shows an amazing photo of Greece — time to order next year’s calendar! Already? Whaa? 2012?

I was able to make it about halfway through the novel with inserting page breaks for each chapter, then rested before leaving for the appointment, walking and feeding Chipper, etc.

So the doctor was most thorough and compassionate, which was most appreciated. He prescribed 6 weeks of additional physical therapy to give it one more go. If that doesn’t give me relief of arm and neck pain, then he prescribed diagnostic nerve block injections to try to see if the arm and neck pain can be resolved that way. If the injections work, then surgery would potentially work. If they don’t then surgery would not be prescribed.

I told him how much I hate injections. He was most sympathetic. He farms them out for someone else to do, however. See, what I don’t like about them a) they hurt like hell because although they give you a local, b) then you are supposed to differentiate from the pain of the injection site, if you are feeling less pain than you normally do in your usual areas of pain. Which is crazy talk. Ugh. And in this case surgery depends on it. ARgh.

Well, as Jason says, we have a plan. We do at that.

I better paint while there is light.

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