Final Graces Sketch

Slept very well, although I did have a bit of trouble distinguishing dreams from reality during the night …

Last night I finished inserting page breaks for each chapter in the novel memoir thingummy. Converted it to Times font, which breaks my heart, I dislike that font so. Don’t know why. Oh well. Hee. Getting closer to e.

Have been approved to buy presents for Jason and am quite excited. (!) Yay! This is another part of the fun of Christmas! whee! shhh!

Feeling a lot of physical and emotional pain today but somewhat dissociated and spacey today, sad but active. ? Good walkies, cheerful despite my sad self? somehow?

Hey, Junglescape the painting is getting mad hits on the website — anyone know why? is it good? heh? did that ages ago — almost tore it up I did it in such frustration, layers and layers of paint on paper. Glad you all like.

We will be working on music this weekend. Most likely recording tomorrow. Wish us LUCK! {{{{mmmm}}}}

Starting a new painting today from a peony photograph called Final Graces in the Flowers section of Peonies …

so here goes my sketch — I have to challenge myself to something that will last me at least until the 12th when my SUPPLIES are supposed to reach me!

That was fun — I think this is going to be an exciting adventure!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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