Wild Peony I

You may ask what happened to the lovely subtlety of the original photo Final Graces? Well, I quite frankly ran out of the paler pink pastels. So … there you have it. Wildness becomes me, anyway. Heh. Fun! So much for going slowly as well, eh? As fortune would have it, I remembered I have a block of watercolor paper, so can be working on much smaller pieces of something or other this week. Maybe watercolor? maybe pastels, maybe a mix of both, we shall see.

Walkies were wonderful this morning, just fresh and bright and cold. Nice. Chipper helped socialize a tiny, TINY yorkie named Nell for all of one nosing and then began to growl, had reached his limit, but he did help that wee bit. Adorable.

Ordered Jason’s gifties yesterday and am quite excited to receive and wrap them. Whee!

That leaf is still holding on to the Tulip Tree outside the window. You go, lil leaf.

We watched the most recent Pirates movie, rather, finished it, last night, and thoroughly enjoyed. Next is Bridesmaids. Woo! Can’t hardly wait for Midnight in Paris to come up tho. Fer Real. Hoping to not do anything Woody Allen has done in his movie, although I don’t anticipate it. Still. Magic is as magic does in Paris. ? Who knows?

My website hits are way down because folks really dig the photos and they have looked and looked at all the ones up there. I need to put some new ones up. A few years ago I finally got the last of the old film rolls developed, about forty of them. Some of them were good. So those are “new” and scanned. A bit of work to get them up. Maybe that will be nice to share. So stay tuned, if that is of interest.

I started a thread in a secret group of friends on FB about what we all want to have done with us after death. I know, it’s a creepy thought, but one, as we get older I guess, that we need to think about. Me, I’d like to be cremated a) and scattered or have my ashes buried as compost for a tree in a cemetery where said tree would not be disturbed EVER. Or the Grand Canyon. Ida know. I’m also trying to arrange an ultimate home for my artwork and/or place where my artwork would be used for a fundraiser for a good cause. If that works out in the New Year, I’ll let ya know.

I think because I have so many physical ailments lately in the past few years I think of such things. Maybe I’ll live a really long time. That’s cool. But I will have a plan. Still, I want all this artwork to be used for a good purpose, if it doesn’t otherwise find a good home, the economy being what it is.

Hey, by the way, January 31st is coming up! Don’t forget if you’ve a mind to contribute a bit of life or art or both, that the Call for LIFE/ART deadline is coming up! I had a dream two-three days ago that the mailbox was delightfully full of all sorts of odd-shaped and foreign-stamped packages for the call. Whee. May it be so. We shall see.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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