Wild Peony Finitti


This one also works if you turn your head to the left. Or right. Your choice. Don’t hurt yourself. But it works. Hee. If you own it you can have it framed however you like. Right?

Meeting a friend for lunch today — woo! At a Chipotle close enough to which to walk. Also sending out an email missive for the first time since the month of August — ages! If you’ve been reading here since then you well know it’s been a lot to go through. My perspective has changed on the email update so much since then. I used to see it as a professional marketing communication and now I see it as basic communication, just basic. Helloooooooo out there, world! I exist! I survived! Truly. You would know. I’m thinking once or twice a year now instead of monthly. I read calls for art now with such a grain of salt. It will take me some time ’til I’m up for more of the openness for them. I’ve had good success mind you, it’s just that my perspective as an artist has changed. I’m more of a turtle, creating for creation’s sake these days. Not that things aren’t for sale! Come and get ’em. Things are quite negotiable! Just ask! but funds are limited for uninsured venues and getting my work out there, being vulnerable per se. I’m quite happy with the blog and the website. But come and get ’em, the house and closets are too full of art — come, come! Let’s make a deal! Heh. We shall see what the New Year brings.

Almost time for me to begin my walk to Chipotle so I’ll close for now.

Back! That was yum and fun! Believe it or not, we had to contend with schoolchildren and spitballs. Argh — my friend actually had to say something to make them stop. Heh. Too funny.

Well, I just sent my first email update since August, now to rest for a bit before roasting up some chicken for stir fry week. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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