Wild Peony III Sketch

So very Wintrychilling this morning I was surprised we didn’t get any snow, but it was better for those who have the commute. Almost put Chipper’s sweater on him but it was so dusty we both were sneezing and we had also both forgotten the moves for putting it on him so we were like, meh? But we regretted it. So tomorrow morning, if it’s the same cold, it goes on. He was a cold lil bugger. I tried to keep it brisk and warm by keeping us active but it was hard on him. I felt bad. I know he has a fur coat and goes out all kinds of times of night, but still.

Very fatigued and supposing it it the anemia? No B12 shot so far this month. Will have the blood draws for that and cholesterol done on Monday am and may get the B12 soon thereafter if they think it advisable. Also will ask if we can add a B12 oral supplement or something? be more aggressive? Tired of being tired? One point change in three months is way slow? yeah.

Stored the latest pastel and that folder is way heavy with work I can’t afford to frame. Come on people, make me a deal! hee. seriously. The New Year will be young. All that work just sitting there in a little folder … sad, really. But at least it’s safe there in its glassine. Still … like a little library …

Cleaned up the true lovely mess of pastels I had made and put all those away and started a fresh, clean, paint-free palette for the new work. Ahhh. Made some decaf. Took the new Anthropologie catalogue next door for the fun rentals assistant. She is a dear. Exhausted. Will rest more now.

Feeling somewhat better … did two loads of laundry and put two away while I “rested” … you see how I am? Hard to stay still. But did have some good cuddle time in bed after all.

Picked yet another peony photograph and did a sketch with charcoal on canvas this time, but had to photograph it in the den, because of light falling onto the canvas from the windows in the studio. 🙂 Liking the abstraction of the sketch so far.

Feeling the holiday spirit growing all around. Yah. ‘Tis here. 🙂 Just an excitement. Now if I can get some real solid energy going inside. That would be cool. Called the doctor and no B12 shot for now, but a follow-up appointment to the bloodwork on the 27th. ‘Kay. That’ll do.

More cuddling in for now.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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