Wild Peony V Sketch, Zucchini Recipe!

There now. There’s your sketch. Soon to paint.

Two appointments today: the counselor and the physical therapist. Woke today at four am in a great deal of physical pain, you name it, it hurt, my back, my elbows, my neck. When I got dressed, the back of my rib cage went out of whack? Huh? I called the physical therapist office at 7:30 and believe it or not they were there and upped my appointment with them to the earliest they had, 1:20. Okay, that’s somewhat better than 2:40. I’ll take it.

Fortunately, walkies for thirty minutes with the harness clogs on did shake up the vertebrae significantly. And I laid myself down twice on the the hot pack. Then at 9:30 I had to get myself up and at ’em for I could rest the energies no longer.

The Christmas cards are all out. Yay! Happy Holidays to all those who wanted one and didn’t get one — I either don’t have your addy anymore or … something — but Happy Holidays to you!

Tried a new recipe on the zucchini that turned out well:

* Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
* Cover cookie sheet or roasting pan with aluminum foil.
* Cut up six large zucchini, quartered, longways, kind of … into bite-size … whatevers, chunks, not rounds.

* In a small bowl, mix the following dressing …

* Four heaping teaspoons of Parmesan (or any of your favorite) cheese
* Four heaping teaspoons of fresh herbs (I put Lemon Thyme from the garden)
* One heaping teaspoon of minced garlic
* Two tablespoons of lemon juice
* About half a cup of olive oil
* Two teaspoons of sea salt
* One teaspoon of ground black pepper

* In a large bowl, mix zucchini pieces with dressing THOROUGHLY, then spread on roasting pan/sheet. Bake until desired doneness/roastedness in oven. About 15-25 minutes? We don’t like ours brown or mushy, just until fork tender, but you do what you want.

* I suppose this would be good in the Summer as a dressing, not roasted, just as a salad? Who knows?

Anyway, it was good!

counseling went very well, helping me cope with a long list of potential changes, including surgery, which I need to be more positive about — yay! and more memories that I needed to release and cope with — sigh — but relief — therein — good

now I’ve taken the Chip-ster out and he is at my feet, my dear friend —

I think I’ll paint a bit before time to leave again —

Well, that counts for a bit. Just back from physical therapy and she agrees that I have a very sensitive system, and that what she did to release the tension in my neck last week immediately shifted to my mid and lower back. So today she worked to release the tension in my mid and lower back. Crazy. Made three more appointments and then it will be time to see the surgeon. We shall see. Not sure what to think.

Sure though that it is time to rest with the moist heat again and grateful for a very sympathetic group of folks who care about me. Very grateful. Blessed.

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