Wild Peony V Finitti

Chipper took us to the right in the rain this morning, so no bog or 30 minutes, more like fifteen, but our missions were accomplished, I dried him off and he received his Milkbone and bowl of carrots per usual.

Then I was to the last steps of (?) getting to a proof for the printed version of Rebekah’s Closet. Then to counseling, then home to rest. Then to my primary care provider, who took me off cholesterol medicine and onto either fish oil or flax seed meal. I choose the latter. I’m also going to try taking the B12 tablets every day. Neither the B12 levels nor the extra premature red blood cells budged. Yet I remain very fatigued. She is testing my thyroid as well because my blood pressure is high. Got a B12 shot.

As you well know, if you tuned in yesterday, I finished the painting last night. Here is a better view. Me likey.

Next will be pastels. We shall see of what? I think I will do one more piece in 2011 but it may drip over into 2012?

Ordered the proof just now for Rebekah’s Closet. Thirteen dollars or so for the proof copy to be printed and shipped to me. Should be here a week from Thursday. Wow. I was talking to someone the other day when they asked me how long did it take to write it. Well, I started thinking about it in 1984. I wrote the first draft in 2004 after years of research and taking notes. First revision had to be completely rewritten — agh — main character taken out and let Rebekah have all the adventures herself then thank you! Revise strange man’s role. Until 2011 this process was not complete. So … that long.

We’re working on Indian Summer, to record in the morning. So I gotta go practice to Dennis Nielsen’s recording now. Yay!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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