Recording Day 2 …

Got up very early to be ready for hosting a friend for coffee today at 10 — yay! only her tire got a flat but AAA again to the rescue in a jiffy — can’t say enough about the AAA really — great investment —

then watching TCM — Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra (the younger) in Anchors Aweigh — or something like — and a great job by Gene Kelly dancing and acting don’t you know — ahhh — Jason had to go in to handle some unexpected work issues for an hour today — but is back now — yay! it snowed very briefly and was fun —

while it was snowing there I cleaned off the detrus from the garden into a plastic bag and it is sooo much nicer to look out there now — the rose, the oxeye daisy, the Maple flower (?), the Lemon Thyme and the Oregano are still living out there — go figure — like little bits of hope — refreshing to see bare ground where we can plan this year’s garden anew — my hands smell of the dried lavender branches I twisted — there is a huge mass of it dead now but I will harvest eventually — hopefully that will come back, too — we overwintered it last year — it grew so very tall — who knows?

back in the studio to try my hand again at Indian Summer — I’ve almost got it but not quite — not well enough to record to par yesterday — 90% or maybe more yesterday — but not enough — so trying again this afternoon — we shall see — I do well singing with the original and a cappella but with Dennis Nielsen’s version I lose my place on the chorus in the second half. Agh. So frustrating, because I KNOW I know the song. But I stop hearing it there and muddle. ARgh. too.

So I’m a try again.

Yesterday I wouldn’t let myself even listen to any other music. Trying to chill per Jason. Not take it that seriously. Crazy. Heh.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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