Pinking It Up

I kind of just arrived to my “day”. I’ve been jotting around to appointments and taking care of Chipper and me and just got “home”. First it was physical therapy, where I finished up with them until seeing the spine surgeon again next Wednesday, with a release note I can’t really understand, but hope that the doctor can, I’m sure he can. But that’s always a bit unsettling. I don’t know what I expected there. Anyhoo.

Then home for a very short while for lunch and off again to the psychiatrist for meds management and our very brief check-in.

Then to Safeway to pick up scripts.

Home to care for Chipper.

Now. My usual time to be creating, blogging. Ah! What to say, do?

Pink it up! Time to add the medium to hotter pinks it is! So will do.

So I added one called Scarlet which for the life of me is salmon. And another which is palest pink, of which I know not the name at the moment. I added more red. I added two different hotter, bolder pinks, one Schminke and one Grumbacher over it. I’m liking it.

Mmmmmm. Now I can rest. Enjoie!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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