Red Nova I

As you may have guessed and/or noticed, I kind of bottomed out of wanting to do anything creative there for a while post doctor appointment on Wednesday. We were all about wanting to record a vocal and that just didn’t happen. Yesterday I did however get a lovely pale pink pedicure which was a very nice Winter treat for the feet, I must say. I was immensely sore and achey yesterday, we are guessing from all the stress and testing by the doctor the previous day, both back and neck. Bah.

Today I am in good spirits, we are in the process of scheduling the surgery as soon as possible, because who wants to wait around for such a thing? I’ve tentatively scheduled my pre-op physical for Thursday, depending on when the surgery happens. I have counseling at noon today.

I’m most nervous about becoming isolated after surgery, and questions abound: will I be able to care for Chipper? can I walk him for 30 minutes as I do every morning? will I be able to drive to my twice weekly counseling appointments? because you know I will be needing the counseling, eh? heh.

Hey, I’ve been laughing, like inappropriately, a lot, lately. I have to talk to my counselor about it. Jason has mentioned it. My physical therapist even mentioned it, like, you’re laughing when you should be crying, right? I guess? yeah? I think my kid alters are up? Or the B12 is really working? Ida know. I recall a time when my counselor in Tennessee, so long ago it seems now, told me, Amy, do you realize that you are a very, very, serious person? Highly analytical? Yes? Well, I seem to have gone giggly.

I remembered the other night that I was laughing at my family uncontrollably for no apparent reason one time while they were all quietly eating dinner, from my high chair, watching them. They all seemed so funny suddenly. And I got in trouble for it. After that, for years, my brothers would try to get me to laugh during dinner, and I, not they, would get in trouble for laughing during dinner, which apparently was supposed to be a formal, serious affair. ? So I’ve been suppressing my laughter ever since.

At one point in the doctor’s office the other day the surgeon came close to me and looked me in the eye, like you realize this is serious and I’m like, yeah. You can count on me. I’m a good patient. And he and I were both reassured.

Just got back from counseling and she helped me figure out a way to manage the laughing kid alters. Yay! So I feel less helpless with them.

I found out right before the appointment that the surgery is scheduled for February 13th at noon. They also have me scheduled for a 23-hour observation period, which actually is a relief, to make sure my pain levels are under control before I come home.

Jason and I are going to try to finish the tribute album before then. Woo! Wish us luck!

Here is a fairly shadowy photo of where Red Nova stands at the moment:

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