Red Nova II

Freezing Cacacold this morning. Back-to-back nightmares last night but I’m okay this morning. Not giggling today, kind of broke that cycle. Maybe it will return? Kinda grumpy to fair spirits today. Harumph. Not very worried about the surgery though, so I’ll take it. Beautifully sunny!

Meeting a friend at Panera late afternoon. Going to practice Solid Iron Heart in a bit. Fairly achey due to the nightmares, so not up for long for the first bit of the day.

Was able to sit up and read for a while yesterday with Chipper in bed, before he resented the book and preferred the rubbing of his tummy. Received the book Lost Worlds, with photos by Drucker (!) on Wednesday and was quite listless and unaware of it until yesterday to tell the truth, which is saying a lot, for anyone who knows me well, because it is photos of pre-Columbian ruins and historical essays about said ruins. Wow! Thank you Jason! Because we may not make the actual exhibit before February 24, a) due to the fact that it is open only on weekdays, and b) because of the surgery. It is an amazing (!!) book that I recommend for everyone. I got it through Amazon, not the $200 limited edition, I must say, and well worth the $30 price for a used copy. Oh my, I can’t really say enough about it. Gush.

Also have been reading my own Rebekah’s Closet on Kindle and it does read well. Finding a few typos, but it flows. I haven’t really read it like a reader in a while. Kindle is fun, was reading during my pedicure the other day and it is quite handy, actually. Hoping to get some Eudora Welty, along with poetry, as I’ve said, when we have the budget.

Got El Camino by The Black Keys yesterday at Starbucks and was just listening to it on the IPod, kind of dancing in bed with my neck on the moist heat. That’s pretty rare. Got me moving. Well, since the new Wilco album. It happens. Yay! I recommend both a) albums aforementioned and b) dancing.

Still not giggling, nor feeling like it. The kids are definitely down there somewhere else. It’s almost 2 pm. It’s the more adult, the more recent host I recognize, up. Kind of the sad one. I can deal. In a fair amount of pain so back to bed, after reheating the pad. Really glad it’s sunny though, that helps so much! and the IPod — feel so blessed by great music!

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