Here III

A beautiful day, not as warm as yesterday’s 60 degrees, but nice, very nice indeed. Walked to get my haircut and it was refreshing, both the walk and the haircut. Like a puppy I am!

Figuring out finally, toward the end of the book, which makes sense, what Chopra is saying about looking for internal success. See I was concerned about how to do this with my ego/identity and soul(s) being so tormented and split up, fragmented from abuse. But actually, I was reading yesterday about how to have faith in your experience, and faith in an inner sense of grace and peace, how that sense of success is just as fleeting. But that is what you should go for, instead of the new house, the gold, the prize. Me likey. Because through meditation I am getting closer to that sense, and I know what he means. Whew!

Not that I’m still not going to seek the perfect stroke, the best I can do, etc. but it’s the process, not the product. That makes me joyful. So ultimately it’s very simple what to seek for anyone: a sense of peace. That is success in anyone’s book: contentment.

The ultimate dream come true. Happy Saturday!

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