Mortal Layer II

Yesterday I was just overwhelmed with fatigue and pain and couldn’t get behind anything besides rest and a bit of reading.

Today has been about the same until around mid-day, when the Sun came out, my mother-in-law called to check on me, I went to drop off some drycleaning, went to Starbucks and came home to paint. I’m still in quite a bit of abdominal pain and exhaustion but what the hey, I’ve got to turn the tide sometime, I mean, I haven’t even had the surgery yet.

I’m really enjoying the painting today. I was afraid yesterday to begin adding the gold oil crayon but today I took the leap because I had less pain and more energy. And it hurt my stomach muscles to apply it but I took it. Whatever.

See? It’s looking a lot more defined, and a bit scruffier. Me likey. I’m hoping to finish it and one other piece before the surgery. We shall see what I can get into.

And, according to Chopra, I’m doing some more things right. As a Buddhist, I smile at strangers all the time, on the theory that if I add a smile, I spread the smile. Smiles being contagious. Sometimes people smile back. Made someone’s morning, and sometimes they have made mine by smiling back. And, to those single folks out there, get a friendly dog and you will meet all sorts of people. Just saying. I’ve met all sorts of folks, including one woman who offers to clean my house for free upon hearing of the surgery. All sorts of fellow dog owners who now are neighbors just a block away. Tough kids turned respectful kids. Smiles and friendly dogs do wonders.

Hey, when was the last time you picked up a penny for good luck? I see all these lornful pennies out there and I don’t pick them up on the hopes that someone else needs the luck more than I do, but hey they are still there, day after day. Just sayin. Did people forget? Then I see a dime, and I remember phone calls used to cost a dime at the payphone, remember that? But a quarter, man, I’m pickin that up.

Sent my inquire off to the local publisher yesterday and am hopeful for a positive reply at some point. Contacted the local bookstore owner yesterday and he was so sweet to have contacted the other local bookstore folks for me since we talked last week and things are shakin thataway. So cool of him. He hasn’t had much time to read the novel though because of inventory.

Looking forward to the surgery and some anxiety per normal but mostly just day by day. Looking forward to seeing the GI doc tomorrow afternoon and seeing what we can do better, if anything, to manage the Percocet abdominal issues.

The birds are all confused and calling for mates and stuff today and yesterday, it’s so warm again. Global warming messing with their DNA and stuff. Phooey. I mean it’s nice that it’s warm but it’s not right. We used to be so sad when it would snow and freeze the daffodils that bloomed too early. What about poor early birds? I hope they figure it out in time. I hope we do, too. I have faith in the cosmos, which is us.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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