Asnooooo …

Just back from the primary care physician … turns out the migraine is a sinus infection, not good to have a week to the day before the surgery … so got a z-pack and instructions to rest, etc. No problem.

Otherwise, a particularly lovely day … will rest for a time now that I’m home again and then perhaps finish the painting? It could happen today.

While I was in the waiting room, my good old Spanish BA degree came to good use, as I was able to chat with a mother and daughter from Uruguay. They said that the mother, who is eighty-eight years old, had to suddenly leave her home and garden and nine cats in Uruguay, because she was broken in to there. She is deaf, and wouldn’t have known anything, and fortunately, wasn’t hurt, but it scared her family, so her daughter moved her here, where she has been for three months. They have had the hardest time trying to get her green card, because she doesn’t need to work or drive, she only wants to live here because of safety. She has congenital heart disease, and they don’t think she will live long, just want her to live in peace for the rest of her days here. They have paid thousands in fees to lawyers and the immigration service trying to work this out. All I could do was listen sympathetically, which they appreciated, and they were glad to be able to speak their language to me. How sad, though, really. What else could I do?

I actually am not feeling up to painting today. Sorry. So back to bed. Another day. Chipper and I are asnooooooo …

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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