New Peony Sketch

I’ve been working on the tax paperwork today, on the floor sorting expense and income stuffe. Easy enough, then tomorrow I’ll start adding up in Excel.

Now why my right heel is hurting intensely and making me limp today, go figure. I massaged my right calf and foot, etc. It feels a bit better but why? Whatever.

Feeling lots better sinus infection-wise. Still with the regular aches and pains per neck and back, as it should be, right?

Got a long call from the nurse at the hospital and went over meds and stuff, so that’s all good. We’ll need to go on Saturday am to give bloodwork for a test for possible blood transfusion if necessary. I’ll get a nifty red bracelet that I get to wear until I come home on Tuesday — woo! Fashion!

Here’s the latest sketch of a peony I’ll be working on abstractly and wildly:

They mentioned to bring a living will if I have one but I don’t think I need one and neither does Jason. Just know that I do not want to be a vegetable. Heretofore be it known, I choose not to remain in a coma state forever. Will that do? Well it won’t be needed.

I’m looking forward to working on this pastel. Now understand that if it was all in pinks it would not be so wild really. I love the sensuality of the shapes, beforehand, and it was very fun to draw, from the start. So there.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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