Wild Peony VI

If druthers mattered, I’d be in bed, yes I would, today, where I was stuck for quite some time this morning. But for the taxes, my dear.

That being said, we had quite the refreshing walk outside this morning, with just the slightest covering of snow on the grass, and my heel losing its catch the further we went, in the harness clogs, for more support, I thought. I’ve officially lost the annoying but well-won Christmas cookie weight up to 155 and am now down to 145. Hooray. My peachy camel cords fit again. Still more toning to do, but I can’t workout yet for some time. Still, I’m happy for progress before the surgery.

Well, I finished sorting the piles on the floor and I’m pooped, time for a bit of fun.

So actually I rested for about thirty minutes, then went to Starbucks, which enlivened me, thinking about how much I enjoy driving. Oh, the power! heh

Did a load of laundry. Trying to keep up with that while I can.

Then painted with pastels a bit …

It even has a little rainbow in it … to brush or not to brush. Some are double-layers and some are single.

While I was painting, the surgeon called to make sure I’m well enough for surgery and I told him I feel quite confident to go ahead, so it’s a go! I thought it was very nice of him to call me directly. I told him about my heel and we had a good laugh, about how we are trying to get one part fixed and another one goes …

Anyhoo … I’m going to sort the expenses pile now until I get tired again, then rest. It is such a crisp, clear day, still with snow covering the shadowy areas. Lovely.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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