Wild Peony VI – III

Sat for some time studying the painting just now, holding up different colors to the piece, trying to decide which to put in. Went with the mauve and the salmon. I had just enough, just barely, of the salmon, which disintegrated in my hands. Did something I rarely do, which was to blend the last of it with my fingers, because it was too delicate for the brush.

Went this morning with Jason to Shady Grove to register, pay the copay and give blood in case I need a transfusion. A wee infant was there before me in a baby carriage, and she did well, only crying a little, rather she, her father and the lab tech did well all together, and later her father held her in his arms while the lab tech finished the labelling of the vials.

While we were waiting, I instinctually offered to reach for a woman’s bag before us when she dropped it, and empty bag, for she was a bit overcome with her teenage son, I could tell, and Jason reached for me. I thought, no one is a stranger to me anymore, now that I’m a Buddhist. I smiled at the new person next to me when she sat down and she looked surprised and smiled back.

I’ve been a bit punchy, a bit Monty Python nonsense humor, all day. Nerves. Kid alters. I guess.

Did three bins of recycling. Cleaned the kitchen. Put the groceries away. Went through three piles o’ stuff on my desktop. Put laundry away. Filled my pill box for the week. Painted.

Now it’s time to rest … with my three fashionnn bracelets on, doncha know … one the red I have to wear until I leave the hospital on Tuesday, one white that they will replace with a new white one on Monday, and one Japanese red/black/white paper mache bangle. Oh, yes!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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