Wild Peony VII – I

Slept much better last night although I still snored. Worried less about waking the neighbors because Jason basically said Pshaw to that that. Still, it is a lot of noise for me. I noticed it is me actually struggling to breathe out, like I’m all closed up for some reason, not sure why that is. Hmmm. Go figure.

Walkies just as good today, and Chipper took the track and exercise seriously and took me for a good walk on the long stretch. Good on him. Funny, too. Shows he’s known all along what I meant by and has chose to go, Mommy, look at tree, Mommy, look, Sun! four or eight times on the “track” instead for lo these many months. It was good to get the walk in.

The rash is subsiding even more today and is less scratchy. Jason washed a load of whites including the four extra “socks” for my neck. Awesome, they are. They have made a huge difference. You see, when I had my shoulder surgery, I had a huge rash under the packing that took weeks to go away, so we’ve been a lot concerned about this, but the socks are doing the trick, and I’m taking breaks with the neck collar off, watching TV, not moving much, and the morning shower breaks.

My mother-in-law, when I called to thank her profusely this morning for all the lovely food and gifties my sister-in-law Cathy brought yesterday, said “You amaze me” you’re doing so well. It is pretty amazing, but it’s wierd to me that this is just the very wee beginning of the process.

Jason stroked my shoulders and did wonders to help them relax, they were so bunched up. Overall I have a lot of achiness. My lower back is just waking up or something. It’s been much easier to maintain good sitting and standing posture though, less of a fight.

Wanted to paint very early this morning but unsure of colors, so have been studying the photo and the sketch and my remaining pastel colors. Have decided, so here goes:

So I’ll stop there today and try to figure out how I want to proceed. I don’t want it to be subtle. I was following the pink glows and shapes of the photo but I only want to do that to a point. Because the photo does that for me. The painting is something else entirely.

Oh, so I’m reading in the Chopra and it talks about a Buddhist saying that once you are in the rhythm and flow of life that the river of life just picks you up and you no longer have to worry about controlling anything, you just sit back and observe your life basically. You float, you go with the flow. Of course there is more to it, life, but how freeing?

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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