Thinking Long-Term

Stretched like a cat in the middle of the night, not completely awake even, and had forgotten momentarily about the surgery, the collar, etc., and YOW (!) shouldna done that because it was a move I cannot make as of yet. Felt like bone on bone, hard to describe how very painful and scary that was, crying out, fearful of moving. Just laid there, and fell back asleep after a few minutes.

Today walkies were very good, a nice balance between Chipper’s sniffage of everything possible and cardio for us both. He is not allowed to sniff poo, however, so I have to constantly be watching what he is sniffing. Constantly, because he will try. So funny, it’s kind of a game between us.

My right arm hurts less so far, but I’m still somewhat afraid of painting. We shall see.

My primary activity this morning is to walk to counseling for twenty minutes there and back. I’m very much looking forward to the walk, because it is a lovely day, and the counseling, because a lot is going on in my life right now, and my counselor and I have a way of deciphering things and helping me get relief from issues old and new that bug me. Yay!

So walking went great, a little huffy here and there, but a breeze for the most part. There are these really cool striated colored shale stones along the way that are really distracting, like I wanted to pick them all up. Some of them have been dug up near the bus stops, hee.

Counseling was great, as always. She’s reading a book that has some really helpful thoughts on framing perspectives on loss. So we tried them on some of my toughest ones. We’re still going to have to work very hard on them, even so. But it was a great session.

My right arm and shoulder are hurting less but I’m a bit skittish about painting today, so I’ll rest instead. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back at it. You know me, I WANT to paint. It’s certainly not that. ARgh. But I have to think long-term here.

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