Wild Thing … Not!

Heh … just sayin … sorry for not blogging per my usual daily yesterday but it was a big pain day. Walked to counseling and back, sleeping before trying to catch up from not (sleeping) the night (before), due to abdominal cramping (reason unknown). Still with the cramping but almost subsided. Almost off the pain meds, non today, some last night due to the crazy mad unexpected chihuahua at the door at 5 pm walkies (kid you not). (makes great copy though) (anyhoo) Opened the door and mad doggie ensues, we stand there, I stifle a scream, close door, realize I’ve clenched neck, rutro. Here I’m not taking pain meds for the day even with the abdominal cramping and the 20 minute walkies back and for the counseling, achies, whatnot. That does it. Gotta do it now. Endocet goes right to the spot in my neck where I clenched, thankfully.

So it was quite the day. Counseling was good. Walking was strenuous, a workout in a great way, but you’re not quite wanting a great workout when you’ve had no sleep, have abdominal cramping and are two weeks (?) into a neck surgery. No, not really. Not to whine. But, I wasn’t quite into it, I must say, but I must do it and I did it. Little trooper that I am, and slept quite soundly, though I had dreams of bad bosses of the past. Argh, things getting back to normal I guess. Ha.

Woke up quite blue this morning, possibly due to the neck collar, yes, still on, and the bad boss dreams, possibly due to Nameless Loss. I think a combo but mostly the latter. Did get some giddy on with Jason in the car and at the doctor appointment, which is why he is home today. Went very well, the surgeon and all staff enormously pleased that I am coming off the meds, ie, none today!, past 2-3 days, weaning off! So that’s good. Surgeon says to see me in month, March 22nd, the collar comes off! and pt will begin. I think I will try to schedule sooner rather than later since it takes a while to get in. We shall see. Took off what remained off my stitches and it remains just a bit of redness in a line. This morning, I have yawned, sneezed and coughed fully for the first time since the surgery. This is awesome news.

No painting today, for I am still yawning frightfully, and can’t seem to see worth a damn, anything. Contacts are in right, too. Going to have to start carrying my readers around my neck! argh. Now, really. Going with the flow of the Big River that carries me, right! Right. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the energy and light to find art in my sights again. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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