Try Try Again …

So no blog yesterday because, although I intended to blog, I was literally asleep during the usual time and figured eh, no blog today, when I woke up. No worries. I walked to counseling, and it was a rough session.

See, when people ask me about the book, I think about the hardest part of the book for me, which is a section on Nameless, which if you read the book, you may be able to figure out. But I’m not going to tell you here. Anyhoo. I go there, to that alter and I’m in that time, that guilt, that love, that wierd, messed up, bad love. NO. I should not be there when people ask me about the book. So we realized that in session yesterday. So my homework was to journal about that and I did a little later in the afternoon and realized that sometime when I was sleeping, (I guess? because I was not consciously aware of this transition between the younger and adolescent alters) they decided that to mad at the Namelesses I had to be mad at me, too. Yow. That’s not easy. To be mad at those girls.

Yank. Yank. They are holding on tight, so tightly to their love, that bad love of the Namelesses now that I am quite torn as to what to do. We are going to have our work cut out for us in session to talk to these alters and get them to let go. To let go of their guilt and their love. Somehow. Because to them the Namelesses are so shining and so cool still. They cling.

So I woke up, although I slept mightily, grumpy. It’s raining, mightily, today, I’ll give you that, and who really is UP on such a day, in a neck brace and what have you, the achies of a normal body, given, but I’m grumpy. I’m working on it.

I worked on the taxes and the last cd I had produced a system error when it wrote. Whatever. I emailed the two files to the accountant instead. He received them happily. Yay. That’s done. We just have to mail the rest.

But I’m in no mood for color, just black and gray.

The Sun will come out tomorrow, one alter child reminded me. Um, true dat.

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