I’ll Walk for a Pedi …

And I did just that …

This morning I woke in a funk … and not the good kind, mind you … I wanted to burrow right back into the bed … and I did, yet … I wanted to get out of bed again once I’d been there for fifteen minutes, such is the lure of sparkly flip flops needing a Spring wash and to be worn on a March 1st rare 70 degrees day? yes … ahh, the lure of the pedi — it’s been exactly three weeks since before February 13th … and the toesies are painted a pale lavender mod something OPI called it I forget now … and the massage and the scrubbies … thank you Kim my pedi friend … I walked thusly from you renewed and surreally into the world of Germantown to the corner where I met another friend getting off the bus and we walked to Starbucks talking surgeries and whatnot …

Safeway, eggs and Bisquick and sitting in the sunshine in front of Black Rock Arts Center on a bench in the Sun, Oh The Sun eating my walnut banana bread and explaining to the toddler and his Mom staring that really I’m okay, poor non-speaking and concerned toddler boy and he finally understands OK — thank you Mama Afrika for the work OK!

Walking home balanced with the Grande Soy Decaf Latte and the groceries on either side saying Hello, Hello Hello to the askanced strangers until they also Helloed — it’s OK!

The bog on the other side from yesterday’s despicable but lovely much-needed rain, right? is flooded and the geese do NOT like you to interact with them in the least so I feel rather Chinese toddling ancient wisewoman or something across the center when I feel the sense of some really huge bird presence in the tree at the end and I stop and see the awesome Hawk there perched and say Hey and he freaketh and flyeth away, (which I did not intend, for I said it softly and in awe) and I have thus I think impressed the geese for the rest of my toddling between to the street, which makes me giggle, to the awe of the drivers by.


However, still not feeling the art today. It will come. We shall see.

Also, I was thinking so much more of the young men, before they spit. For why? Not, attractive. Not in my direction, and not, in general. Not to be avoiding on the sidewalks later, either, as a walker now. Eh. Ew. Otherwise, enjoying the expanded walking adventures very much. Yesterday was down to 140 lbs. Today back to 145. ? Whatever. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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