Wild Peony VII Finitti


I decided this afternoon to gild the fine black sketch lines with gold metallic oil pastel. And be done.

Next up, chocolates, rusts, ochres and lime with red. That is my thought. That’s all I can tell you for now. Starting that tomorrow, because this piece has its finishing layer on it and must dry, as much as I want to sketch the new piece. Hmm. Must wait. Got the art bug back. Yay! Well, we knew it would come back, now didn’t we? Sure we did.

The day started with rain and ends with Sun. Chipper is mid-bed, head on Lamby. I think he loves the stuffed animal nearly as much as I do. Well, Chipper loves anything that smells like Mama, and that’s the truth.

Surprisingly, even though I had a second night of not sleeping well, I’ll not go into detail, no nightmares, but I woke at 9:30 and had a poor time of getting back into any real manner of dreaming — I have all kinds of energy today. Yawning this morning, but that has stopped, now that the Sun is out.

Yesterday afternoon, starting with the morning, of course, as previously noted, (correction: Together Through LIFE, not TIME), at three PM, with the HD channel programming on Palladia, saw Muse in concert, then U2 playing on top of a balcony in London, Regent Street, then REM from 2009 … it was quite the set, really … I must say I liked Muse before but didn’t really know them well enough before the concert. Now I really want to get their albums and explore them more fully. Cool. That’s always nice to find a new band you’re interested in.

The little pain need hand nerve receptors are quite active and last night was very hard I admit. Very. I had finally to put things in perspective for them and say that compared to their guilt and shame, confusion, et. al. that what they did was NOTHING compared to what the band/cult of Namelesses did. Which is the darker LOSS to bear. It is like my heart, if you can bear the morbid metaphor with me here, is hanging with cocoons of child and adolescent alters hanging with their flashbacks enclosed, and the heart is ravaged elsewhere by the Namelesses, largely, as if multiple tornadoes have come through. Not much left there from the early years to hang on to in terms of warmth and goodness. Goodness. Plenty of badness to hold onto, mind you. Which is why they are up in cocoons, dissociated. I suppose you could say there are mad children running through the wasteland, participating in the junk with the Namelesses. Which is why I am so admirous of making things beautiful from junk. Junkies.


That was most cathartic.

Again, it’s a sunny day … and life is going along quite well in the present … Jason though had to work today … but he is off tomorrow and is making his most excellent homemade pizze for us … we have Fantasia from Walt Disney to watch (which somehow I’ve never seen the whole of — wow!) and is also off on Monday — for which we I think still expect the snow flurries.

I fit into my rosy camel cords today which makes me most pleased and proud of my arduous walking to and from counseling. So … to rest and to reading … and to TLC … šŸ™‚

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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