Arizona Flavors – I

Jason woke me up, after I had slept so mightily well, saying that Chipper needed me to get up and get ready for walkies. True dat. I had thought of getting up much earlier, but didn’t want to wake Jason, letting him sleep in, instead.

Walkies were brisk and it seemed as though Chipper were on a new mission to sniff the world as if never before. Something tells me scents are coming up through the Earth, scents of Spring moving under there. The pansies are righting themselves, the trees are budding out, some are blooming, tulips are poking through the soil, and the daylilies and other perennial flowers on the corner of the library where he loves to stop all-year round where we wait to cross, well they are pushing their green nibs through the soil as well. Jason said that next weekend is already Spring forward. Wait! Is this real? Not that I’m not ready, but don’t give it to me before it’s real, and ready to happen, I don’t want to get my hopes up. Because it snowed today.

We took Chipper to the vet today and he bravely took the treatments he needed. He yelped back there and we can hardly stand it. But now he’s covered up on the bed and sleeping soundly. Jason’s just finished mailing the tax materials to the accountant at the long line of the Post Office and now is gone for more much-needed trash bags.

He made the apartment smell delicious again this morning with Greek lemon chicken for our fave dinner this week of roasted chicken, tomato, basil, artichoke, mozzarella salad. Sigh, damn it’s good. And light.

Last night I painted a bit, because I couldn’t wait, on the new painting:


I’m very excited about this new piece and am getting ready to paint on it again now. Stay tuned!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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