Arizona Flavors – II

It is most assuredly, from my little point in time and space, a blessed day. I hope you are also having a blessed day, or that things are at least looking up from here on out? Fingers crossed.

The painting is looking up, eh? This is how it looks in the Sun on the easel at this very moment. I’m loving it. It cheers me, enlivens me, some dark spot in my soul needed it to become what it has become out of the blankness of the canvas.

That green you see is avocado and/or lime zest, by the way.

It’s mulch day for the landscapers, and bless them they’ve been working away since 8 AM and they are a third done, back breaking work, with the rosiest, prettiest, this side of rust brown, not red, mind you, mulch there is. I wanted to thank them this morning, but someone has guided them, thankfully, not to flirt. That’s a good thing, because the painters last Summer said the worst things to me and made the worst howling and other noises at me so that I had to report them. But there is the nicest man at the library, in his sixties, gracious and polite, Hispanic, who after two years of nodding and waving in the most genteel way, he admired Chipper and I understood he didn’t speak any English so I conversed with him in Spanish and he said how happy it made him that he could converse so nicely with someone in Spanish and that I had studied it, he could tell, so we talked for a bit about Chipper. Until he became embarrassed to talk further because a car passed and I think he was afraid he would lose his job, a car entering the library parking lot, afraid someone would report for talking to me. Me alegre, Me alegre — How happy it makes me … he said.

I thought for a while, how happy it makes me to have these conversations here and there in Spanish, how the language returns, how happy it makes people. I’m happy to know it.

Well a friend is on her way over — gotta run! 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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