Italco Sketch

Although this has a Mexican sounding name, it in fact comes from my photographs of a sheared wet rock face in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The colors were so vivid, though …

Love them … so very excited to create this piece.

Cold again today, high in the mid-forties? tomorrow in the mid sixties? okay —

We think part of my headaches have been stress, part that we got the wrong coffee (should have been full caff) and part sinus — so we are adjusting and medding where possible — still a bit tired inexplicably after a solid night’s sleep — maybe due to needing more yoga in my life, I mean, I walk like crazy but not getting the full body experience for some time now. Soon!

It’s a week from this upcoming Thursday and the collar comes OFF! We are watching the incision a bit — it is very red and well, we are going to have the surgeon look at it — we’re sure it’s fine — I had been putting Mederma scar cream on it for a week and it turned much redder than the pink it had been and got kind of blistery — so I stopped with the cream for the past day for now. Eep! May have been too soon. It will be fine. Such a worry wort.

I would be hard pressed to say my fave band right now between The Black Keys and Muse — like, who would headline? I would not want to make that decision in terms of who is the major in the rocking. No, I would not. A friend of mine got to see the The Black Keys last night and I’m itching to know how it went, like I don’t already know. Hee.

The frogs are singing in the bog, and the birds are now unstoppable. Spring is definitely on its way. I’m ready. Sooo ready. Are you? (rhetorical question)

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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