Italco I

Sorry for no blog yesterday but I was quite tired and a bit panicked about my incision, needlessly, I might add. But I get panicky, with the PTSD and I have to work my way, my cortisol levels, as it were, back down. Quite the time ratcheting down to get to sleep last night even, so wired still. Einaudi did the trick on the olde IPod.

We did have a nice day yesterday, running errands, having a picnic at the Monocacy Aqueduct since we weren’t up for a full hike just yet, but lovely weather, then home for work about the house and such. Very nice. Just tired after that.

Today, starting at 50 degrees, the birds and the light! Although I must say I’m very light sensitive again, seeing the neurologist about migraines on Wednesday with Jason. Yesterday my migraines were off and on again, as were the sunglasses. The neck brace makes it harder to move my head around to adjust to the sunlight even. But not much longer at all. At All!!!! a week from Thursday and she is gone! Gone! So very close.

A flip flops week from the weather forecast for the latter parts of the days. Hooray!

Jason received his bonus on Friday so this morning I was able to pay off the rest of last year’s health care bills and the remainder of another debt. What a release and a relief! Whoosh! Thank you!

Now to hang up a small load of laundry that has the little white tubes I wear around my neck to protect it from the collar and a few whites I ran with them. Then hang up the rest of the dry laundry from the weekend. So therapeutic.

In reply to a friend on Facebook about loneliness, I said that in a way even in relationship that I meditate in my isolation of not being with people during the day as much as I used to — that I find that I am my love/spirit/space — a temple of sorts is not a novel idea — Julio Cortazar posited the idea of the human being as time machine — I am my own time machine I said in another space — but it’s true — with dreams, with creative visualization — one can go anywhere — truly — truly — try your self travelling — fun …

Speaking of fun …

Painting to Muse, The Resistance. My only problem is what are they offering up in exchange to what they are resisting? Hmmm. Rock! Love! Possibly Equality and Meritocracy. Not sure. Well, it’s a start.

Time to snuggle in with the Chip-daddy.

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