Italco II

So I haven’t been in the mood or vibe what have you to receive other than the Nature of Spring coming in lately, which is enorme! but reading, not so much. TV not so much. Music, yes, you may have noticed, the Muse … if you will.

But, yesterday, throwing off the collar, the yoke, et al, for a time, I watched TV, The Smithsonian Channel on HD and saw Aerial Pennsylvania, and learned a lot about steel, glass, Valley Forge, railways, the Amish, Three Mile Island, William Penn and Penn State.

Then!!! Oh, but then, you see how I can’t hold back the urge to share the linky … I watched three episodes of Design with the other Ninety Percent — community bamboo boats with solar energy in Bangladesh, water filters to remove arsenic employing the community and local materials in Bangladesh, vertical gyms in slums in Caracas, Venezuela cutting crime by fifteen percent — well — I was and am enchanted and got kind of an excitement headache from it — well, I’ll take it — please, PLEASE check this out! I love the Grameen Bank, the Carter Center so much, and will always support them when I can, but please check these folks out!

oh my …

nine days and counting for the scaffolding to come off the tower which is my new neck … hee — I can’t hardly wait to sleep without it — paint without it, write and read without it — okay enough about that

tomorrow is the neurologist …

today is a high of 78? jean shorts and striped tee and Teva sandals? yah yah yah! screen door she is open!

Loving working on this piece as it is taking shape … following as closely as I can to the photograph … Nature is brilliant and I am only a primal follower … love love …

Now to rest although I’m full of energy … I have to … shaking …

Maybe some more Smithsonian genius later? enjoie! hope you are having a great day!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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