Italco III

It may very well be, that despite my pessimistic (albeit possibly still true forecast) that the winds and weather may yet shift towards the colder again before we are through with this Winter, that Spring has indeed sprung. This is not to say that I am not in every way ready to wear PINK, pastels, short sleeves, go sleeves, pull out the silks, the dresses, the shorts, etc. Far be it … I’m ready. It’s just that, I think, I still have this dratted collar on, that somehow Spring can’t come whilst this dreaded beast still chains me. That somehow does not seem right. Soon enough, for tomorrow makes seven days.

The tulip trees have dropped their velvet bud casings and are blooming outside my window and all over the apartment property and across the street. The cherry trees are doing the same, daffodils, pear trees on either side of the highway. Who am I to argue? Yesterday I met a stranger, a woman on the street, and she said, It looks as though Spring is finally here, and I said, We can only take it day by day — it could swing back the other way again next week. She looked at me as though I was evil. Damn. Sorry. That’s when I realized that I was trying to hold back Spring because of the freaking collar. That Spring may actually be here and I may be in denial. This is a first.

There is considerable play between wet and dry, dark and light in the original photograph, so that is a good challenge for me. But alas, I’ve worked on it until I’m hurting, so have just taken pain meds and to rest me. No worries, for I’ve been up a long while in the car for the doctor appointment today and all. The neurologist offered to have me taper down on the Topamax, but I decided that I’d like to stay steady on it for now. I don’t want to change what is working.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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