Italco IV, More Good News!

I could hardly budge myself this morning. Chipper kicked and kicked the air about himself, to no avail. Time change, be damned. 8:30 was the best I could do. I know. You don’t want to hear it. I suck with my flexible lifestyle and my neck brace.

mmm, ‘kay so those are my good news breaks for the week … the first break for children having to fight in wars against their will … ever … and the Great News Network … so I’m trying here …

I also submitted four poems to an unidentified local literary magazine today. If I get in, I’ll let ya know. Some bravery that. I haven’t submitted in over a decade. It seems. Maybe I have. Which ones: Week, Of Simultanaety, To Ideals, and Missing GA License Plates. We shall see. Quite the assortment.

Jason is also starting a new job soon. I will let you know the deets around April first. It’s a great opportunity for him, so things are looking up all over, as it were.

I can almost feel the collar coming off for good next Thursday … almosties!

Just then I put on Thick Freakness by The Black Keys and left the room because I thought I heard the blessed mail bringer, the MAILMAN! but no, it was U2! the 2011 Glastonbury Festival on Palladia and indeed is was the bringer of something very special, U2 playing their first hit, Out of Control! I hadn’t heard it in so very long, indeed. And now while Set You Free plays in the background, I’m typing … so very special on top of special. Rock! I was remembering when my dear friend Robert Simmons came and said you have to come with me and took me to see U2 during the Boy Tour and I was so worried because Bono was climbing the speakers, and later Robert said, He wanted you to know he was serious. Well, I’ll say. And now I want to get Boy. “We’ve got some big ideas. We’re out of control!” I had no idea what or who I had just seen.

Was getting a bit chocolate, then a bit rosy, then went a bit mad for the golden yellow … balanced with red, then two strokes of white. Things are developing but far from done. Quite complex it is.

Tonight we witness the Catholic confirmation of Jason’s sister Cathy. So excited for her. I’m going to meditate extra special this afternoon to be in a really good place for the occasion. 🙂 She has been to night classes for a long time the past and this year to prepare. I remember when I was confirmed into the Presbyterian Church long ago as an adolescent walking to class with Robert Buchanan, the pastor’s son. He wanted to kiss me but I wouldn’t ever let him. Prolly good that I didn’t, although he was technically my boyfriend. It just didn’t seem right that we should cross that line. Then he broke up with me for a girl that would. Sigh. Rue the day. Had such a crush on him for the longest. Hee. Anyhoo, I remember the classes were so complex and we didn’t really get inspired about the spirituality of things until this guy with long curly hair came and sang one Summer. I joined the big choir at some point and sang The Messiah and I felt the Spirit.

I read all about all kinds of religions in college and finally came to Buddhism and Yoga in my journey as the least intrusive and most inclusive. Yep. That was what I was looking for all that time. Something that continues to stimulate my mind with its mysteries and simple complexity, where folks have been studying in awe the cosmos for the thousands and thousands before I got here. Yeah. I dig. As long as it’s ultimately about Love and Peace, I’m there. I think we all are.

Just don’t be messing with my birth control, or my younger sister’s birth control. Cause we’re more than birthing machines. Just ask.

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