Real World, Peter Gabriel Style

No art for you today, sadly, from me that is, instead, art from Peter Gabriel.

Two things, really, I am not sure what to do next to my painting, and new colors of pastels came today and I’m a bit overwhelmed. So, my painter is absorbed to the fullest for now, taking it all in.

I decided to put The Smithsonian Channel on first thing after checking the Weather Channel this morning and it was a very good thing, because completely randomly, I walked in the den and what do I find but a special on Real World music by Peter Gabriel, so I grab my cell phone and my coffee and have a seat.

I barely understand the tail end of a piece on his work in Africa with subtitles when they switch to Cambodia, to an artist who somehow survived the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge, to teach his traditional and original music to young people. Gabriel responded by helping to build schools in the slums. He brought group of musicians, performing artists to London, and they show this intricate choreographer with the delicate handwork of the dancers and I could have cried. See, I was very upset, as I’m sure you were if you were alive or have heard about it all, so this is all very very heartening.

Then he speaks of how we in the West really lack elders in our societal system these days, culturally, so he’s worked with others to create:  — a group of respected senior global citizens including Mandela, Former President Carter, and others to help resolve global crises.

Something is in the air in my studio this week, and I was thinking how I was so worried that especially toward the end of my six-week stint in the cervical collar, how very worried I was before the surgery that I would feel so isolated. I had a good thought though, that maybe it would be good time for meditation and rejuvenation, but I had no idea that this sort of global reconnection and excitement would be going on. Hardly.

I hope I’m not driving you nuts, but if you don’t know already, I majored in Spanish, got the BA in that, but I was going for a double major in International Relations in 1987 and was horribly upset about world conditions there, have been, continue to be on some level at all times deep down. So this balancing out of good news and synergy of high level meeting ground level conditions, stark poverty where its needed most — well, it’s sparking inside of me in the best sort of way, in a way that I just feel the need to pass it on.

Dude! Pass it on!


Tomorrow we’re headed to Potomac Garden Center for some culinary herbs, on a limited budget so we don’t go simply MAD … because we can and do get the gardening BUG bad(ly). Jason and I (helping lightly of course) will be rearranging the shade porch for the new year’s garden tomorrow as well.

Sunday we are going to Alexandria to help celebrate his sister Cathy’s confirmation. We were only able to stay for the processional last night. I kept turning my head left to chat with his Mom and just couldn’t help myself and got quite the spasm. Eep! There was to be a full mass after that before the full confirmation, and Jason has to get up at 4:30 every weekday, so we just couldn’t. But we were there to give Cathy a big grin as she came by and she is soooo happy today! Yay! So it’s all good.

I’m feeling a deep spiritual joy today. Spring has come, even though I’ll admit it’s chilly today. It has come. Six more days and the collar will spring off as well. Everything in its own time.

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